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John Goodmanson...
is a record producer, recording engineer, and mixer based in Seattle, Washington. You can have him record you.

Fisk Goodmanson Audio Hayride Info
Due to continuing interest and demand Steve Fisk and John Goodmanson will be hosting a second recording workshop/seminar at Electrokitty Recording Tuesday Evenings in April and May.                                                                              Noted Seattle veteran record producers Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pigeonhed, Solo Artist) and John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Wu-Tang Clan, Blood Brothers, Blonde Redhead) will be discussing recording, producing and mixing in the current production environment for 4 Tuesday evenings in April and May. Where: Electrokitty Recording, Wallingford (Seattle). When: Tuesdays in April and May 2014, 6:30 pm-10:30 pm What We Will Talk About: The focus will be primarily on recording and mixing music made by bands and songwriters with traditional rock instrumentation – Guitars, Live Drums, Vocals. There will be specific discussion about:  - Recording Live Drums. - Recording inside and outside of a traditional studio environment. - Keeping things running smoothly (recording session workflow) - Mixing on a console vs. mixing in the box. Who It’s For:  - Aspiring record producers, engineers, and mixers who already have a basic understanding of the modern recording process. - Musicians and songwriters with an interest in the recording process, or who, by necessity, are recording themselves and would like to know how to make the process easier and sound better. What WILL NOT be covered: MIDI. How to use recording software (RTFM). How to succeed in the music business. Marketing your music. We will be talking from experience about making records - what has worked for us and what hasn’t and why, how we approach working with bands and musicians and how to apply current technology to creating music for commercial release.   Evening 1, Tuesday Apr. 22, 2014:  An overview of the process – how we make records (between the two of us, hundreds of records) w/ Q and A and specific examples. Evening 2, Tuesday Apr. 29, 2014:  Recording Live Drums at Electrokitty Recording. Evening 3, Tuesday May 6, 2014: Session management and workflow. Evening 4, Tuesday May 13, 2014: Mixing on the console and mixing in the box. Cost:  $450 for all 4 evenings, $150 for individual evenings.  Space is limited to 10 participants and payment must be paid in advance to hold a spot. Contact:  fiskgoodmansonhayride@gmail.com for payment information and to reserve a spot For more information check out: stevefisk.com johngoodmanson.com electrokitty.com https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Steve-FiskJohn-Gooodmanson-AUDIO-Hayride/253010078206651

Mix/Overdub space is complete
After some heavy lifting the mix/overdub space is online. First clients were Skylarkin, over for a new record. They named the old space as well as lived there for one of their records so it seems appropriate, although I'm starting to feel badly that they somehow are always the guinea pigs for whatever the new situation is. They are awesome, as always, and I can't wait for the world to hear their new record. Tons of other stuff in the meantime - too much to talk about, so I'll just make a list (and I know I'll forget half - please forgive my tired memory):

There was a record for Kyte (UK), a Corin Tucker Band LP mix, some Los Campesinos 7"'s, One of the Sleeping At Last tracks wound up in a Twilight movie (hurrah!), A fantastic Ceremony LP, Some things for a Perfume Genius LP, A record for Kim Talon that came out under the moniker "Jan", An LP mix for a Montreal francophone act called Chinatown that was wonderful, and EP for Anacortes' act Bella Maine, a song for Eclectic Approach that they wound up performing on The Jimmy Kimmel show, and in progress are an LP for singer songwriter named Peter Donovan and american rock act Cody Beebe and the Crooks.

Finishing a new Los Campesinos record and catching my breath
Holy cow - no notes for a bit - it's good to be busy, but sheesh. I moved out of the Bogroll studio space in the winter because we've moved into a new house and the plan calls for a studio there and it's been nonstop since. So far the new space has just been for mixing. It ain't pretty yet, but it's working.

There were so many projects last year that I never mentioned on the website. Sleeping At Last has a thing called yearbook that you can sign up for and they make three songs a month and send them to you. It's been a wonderful treat to work on it every month. There was a Hanson lp that got mixed awhile back - here's an interview in The Stranger about it. Also a track on the new Weezer LP. Mixed the new Lonely Forest record that was produced by Chris Walla - really really good album by a great bunch of guys.

Most recently back from tracking a new Los Campesinos record in Spain - Tom came to Seattle for the mixes and we're putting the final tweaks on what is an amazing, amazin', record. They have a fanclub/Single of the month thing called Heat Rash that you simply must join - you get a 7" and a 'zine and a lot of exclusive stuff from the band.

Other stuff that never wound up on the website includes: A 7" for We Rock Like Girls Don't , an LP mix for Bronze Radio Return, a couple of mixes for The Minutes, an EP for Andy from Matchbook Romance's new thing called Drift Division, Over xmas the very last Harvey Danger song was NPR's song of the day. Also mixes for The David James Band, The Working Hour, Dustin Ruth and I'm probably forgetting a bunch of really important things.


The Globes, Skylarkin, Black Whales, Nada Surf
Quick update, since ThreeImaginaryGirls.com is linking to this...

Skylarkin made a new record. We recorded it mostly at London Bridge and finished in my space (bogroll). Those poor guys had to live here while we made the record. It's magnificent. We also finished that lovely Globes LP - it's freakin great - can't wait till the world gets to hear it. You can get an EP here .

Somewhere in there we did mixes for Nada Surf's new LP of awesome cover songs (get the gatefold vinyl!).

Just now finishing an LP for Black Whales, who are just awesome. Check them out at http://www.blackwhales.com. Somebody sign this band and make a shit ton of money!
Jaguar Love, Los Campesinos, Owl City, The Globes
I guess it's been awhile since an update. Los Campesinos came to Seattle to track the second half of their new record, and then we finished it up in Wales - it's brilliant. Right before Campesinos, Owl City came to Seattle to mix their record, Ocean Eyes, which is now all over the radio in the USA. Jaguar Love recently camped out at Bogroll studios and we have just finished an amazing new record. In between have been tracks for Skylarkin, Harvey Danger, and Here Come The Birds (Austrailia). We are now one week in to a Globes record and it's sounding magnificent!
In the Studio with Los Campesinos
John is working on a new Los Campesinos record at The Carriage House recording studio in Stamford, CT. He's also just mixed an LP for Girls, a great band from San Francisco.
Home Sweet Home
January 20, 2009
Welcome to the all-new JohnGoodmanson.com. Browse around: it's all fresh. The song that's playing is "Weightless" by Nada Surf (from their new album Lucky). The drawings you're looking at are by Derek Erdman.

Enjoy and have a great 2009!
In the Studio
Some of John's latest projects include recording The Long Winters' new LP and mixing the new LP for Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground.
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