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The full list of John's work as producer, mixer, engineer, and musician.

# Artist Album Credit Label
220. Los Campesinos TBA Prod., Engr., Mixer Wichita/Turnstile
219. Black Whales Shangri-La Indeed Prod., Engr., Mixer
218. The Minutes "Fleetwood", "Black Keys" Mixer Rubyworks
217. The Globes Future Self Prod., Engr., Mixer Barsuk
217. The Globes Sinter Songs EP Prod., Engr., Mixer Barsuk
216. Bronze Radio Return Shake Shake Shake Mixer
215. The Lonely Forest Arrows Mixer Trans/Atlantic
214. Harvey Danger The Show Must Not Go On Prod., Engr., Mixer Phonogrraphic
213. Dustin Ruth Learn How To Love Someone EP Mixer
213. David James Band Mixer
212. Weezer Unbroken Mixer Epitaph
211. The Working Hour Sometimes Mixer
210. Drift Division EP Mixer
209. Skylarkin Kalide Prod., Engr., Mixer Witchita
208. Nada Surf If I Had A Hi-Fi Mixer
213. Sixth Street Mixer
207. We Rock Like Girls Don't 7" Prod., Engr., Mixer Domino
206. Hanson Shout It Out Mixer 3cg Records
205. Jaguar Love Hologram Jams Producer, Engineer, Mixer Fat Possum
204. Here Come The Birds "Cigarettes" Mixing Wichita
203. Skylarkin "Smarts" Producer, Engineer, Mixing Wichita
202. Los Campesinos Romance is Boring Producer, Engineer, Mixing Wichita
201. Owl City Ocean Eyes Mixing Universal
200. Girls Record Mixing Supervision
199. Video Nasties Upcoming LP Mixing Supervision
198. Los Campesinos We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed Prod., Engr., Mixing Wichita
198. Sleeping At Last Storyboards Mixing Asteriod
197. Skylarkin Fossil, I Prod., Engr., Mixing Wichita
196. Fight like Apes ...and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion Prod., Engr., Mixing Rubyworks
195. Moi Caprice We Had Faces Then Mixing Glorious
194. Underground Railroad Sticks and Stones Prod., Engr., Mixing One Little Indian
193. Jaguar Love Take Me To The Sea Engineer (Basic Tracks) Matador
192. Aiden "Cry Little Sister" Prod., Engr., Mixing Lost Boys II
191. zox Line In The Sand Prod., Engr., Mixing Side One Dummy
190. Aiden Conviction LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Victory
189. Deathcab For Cutie "Girl You Want" b/w "Goin' Home" Mixing Fan Club 7"
188. Roguewave Soundtrack Mixing Sub Pop
187. Hollywood Porn Stars Satellites Mixing Naive
186. Nada Surf LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Barsuk
185. Peter Walker LP Mixing Dangerbird
184. Schoolyard Heroes LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Stolen Transmission
183. URIM a/k/a Mark Renk LP Prod., Engr., Mixing CBS records
182. Expatriate In The Midst of This Prod., Engr., Mixing Dew-Process
181. The Blood Brothers Young Machetes Prod., Engr., Mixing V2
180. Mohair LP Mixing Grunion
179. Nada Surf Little Bill (French Radio Song) Mixing Barsuk
178. Nada Surf Some Movie Soundtrack Songs Mixing Barsuk
177. Sean Na Na Family Trees or CoPe We Must Mixing Dim Mak
176. The Long Winters Putting The Days To Bed Mixing Barsuk
175. Matchbook Romance LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Epitaph
174. Colin Munroe "Don't Think Less Of Me" Mixing
173. Manic LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Geffen
172. Roguewave "Bird on a Wire" Mixing Sub Pop
171. Socratic LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Drive-Thru
170. Sleeping At Last Keep No Score Mixing Asteroid
170. Nada Surf "What is Your Secret" Mixing Barsuk
169. Deathcab for Cutie Drive Well, Sleep Carefully DVD Mixing Plexifilm
168. The Blood Arm "Say Yes" Mixing City Rockers
167. The Like Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? - LP Co-Prod., Engr. Geffen
166. Brandi Carlisle LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Columbia
165. Harvey Danger LP Prod., Engr., Mixing Phonographic Records
164. Deathcab for Cutie Live EP Mixing Barsuk
163. The Ruby Doe LP Mixing Loveless
162. The Lashes Get It - LP Prod., Mixing Columbia/Lookout
161. The Blood Brothers Crimes Prod., Engr., Mixing V2
160. The Sun Blame It On The Youth Prod., Engr., Mixing Warner Bros.
159. American Minor Buffalo Creek - EP Prod., Engr., Mixing Jive/Zomba
158. Von Bondies "c'mon c'mon" radio and LP mix Mixing Warner Bros.
157. Junky "Give Me Hope" radio mix Mixing
156. Skillet Engineer Lava/Atlantic
155. Death Cab For Cutie "Sound of Settling" radio mix Mixing Barsuk
154. April Sixth In Memory (LP)/td> Engr., Mixing Elektra
153. The Catheters Howling... It Grows and Grows!!! (LP) Prod., Engr., Mixing Sub Pop
152. Hanson Live concert DVD Mixing
151. Sonicult LP-TBA Mixing
150. Silvertrip LP-TBA Engr., Mixing Lava/Atlantic
149. The Rockfords Waiting Prod.,Engr., Mixing
147. A Simple Plan "Crash and Burn" Engineer Lava/Atlantic
146. Ever We Fall Endura Prod., Engr., Mixing Rise
145. Clarity Process Fluid Mixing Rise
144. The Lashes EP Prod., Engr., Mixing
143. Death Cab For Cutie "Sound of Settling", "Expo 86" Mixing Barsuk
142. Blonde Redhead Misery is a Butterfly Mixing Touch and Go
141. Lucky Boy's Confusion Commitment Mixing Elektra
140. Eisley 3 songs Prod., Engr., Mixing Warner Bros.
139. A.M. Radio Radioactive Mixing Elektra
138. The Catheters 7" Mixing Sub Pop
137. The Gossip Movement Prod., Mixing Kill Rock Stars
136. Hot Hot Heat "No, Not Now", "Five Times.. " Mixing Warner Bros.
135. Vaux There Must Be Some Way To Stop Them Prod., Engr., Mixing Volcom Ent.
134. Blondie The Curse of Blondie Mixing Left Bank
133. The Divorce There Will Be Blood Tonight (LP) Mixing Fugitive/EMI
132. Hot Hot Heat "Apt. 101" b/w "Untitled" UK 7" Mixing Sub Pop
131. Hanson Underneath (LP) Mixing Island/Def Jam
130. Pacifier Pacifier (LP) Mixing Hi-Fi/Arista
129. Hot Hot Heat "Bandages" Radio Mix Mixing Sub Pop
128. The Catheters "Nothing" Video Mix Mixing Sub Pop
127. The Troys Massaging Your Ego (LP) Engineer, Mixing Elektra
126. həd p.e. Blackout (LP) Mixing Jive
125. Sleater Kinney One Beat LP Producer, Mixing Kill Rock Stars
124. Third Strike "Blind My Eyes" Engineer, Mixing Hollywood
123. The Kennedy Soundtrack LP Co-Prod., Engr., Mixing Instant Karm/Sony Int'l
122. Kind Of Like Spitting Bridges Worth Burning Prod., Engr., Mixing Barsuk
121. Wu-Tang Clan Iron Flag LP Mixing Loud
120. Paulina Rubio Mixing Motown
119. The Catheters Static Delusions and Stone Still Days Prod., Engr., Mixing Sub Pop
118. Professional Murder Music "Does It 'Dream" Mixing Geffen
117. My Vitriol Finelines-LP (USA) Mixing Epic
116. Brian McKnight "Superhero" Mixing Motown
115. Bif Naked "I Love Myself Today" Mixing Lava/Atlantic
114. Oleander "Benign" Mixing Republic
113. Grand Theft Audio "As Good As It Gets" Guitar, Mixing London
112. Pinehurst Kids "Planet Of The Apes" Mixing Barbaric
111. The Catheters 7" Prod., Engr., Mixing Kapow
110. Pinehurst Kids Burn It Clean (2001) Mixing Barbaric
109. Sepultura Nation (2001) Mixing Roadrunner
108. Lennon 5:30 Saturday Morning (LP) Engineer Arista
107. Lucky Boys Confusion Throwing The Game (2001) Engineer Electra
106. Kittie “Paper Doll” radio mix Mixing Artemis
105. Saliva Every Six Seconds (2001) Mixing Universal
104. (Hed) pe Broke (2000) Mixing Jive/Zoomba
103. Relative Ash Our Time With You (2000) Engineer, Mixing Universal
102. Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One(2000) Producer, Mixing Kill Rock Stars
101. Rustic Overtones Viva Nueva Mixing Tommy Boy
100. Apartment 26 One song for Heavy Metal 2 Soundtrack Mixing
99. Harvey Danger King James Version (2000) Prod., Engr., Mixing London
98. Vibrolush Touch and Go (2000) Engineer, Mixing V2
97. The Rockfords The Rockfords (1999) Prod., Engr., Mixing Epic
96. Hal LP Engineer JVC-Japan
95. Nevada Bachelors Hello Jupiter(2000) Engineer Pop Llama
94. Goodness These Days (1999) Prod., Engr, Mixing Good-Ink
93. Heather Duby Post To Wire (1999) Mixing Sub Pop
92. Mocket Pro Forma(1999) Engineer, Mixing K
91. Babe the Blue Ox The Way We Were (1998) Engineer RCA
90. Six by Seven Mixing one song Mixing RCA
89. Bolt Upright Bolt Upright (1998) Engineer, Mixing Epic
88. Mars Accelerator Frankfurt: Telephonics (1998) Engineer RxRemedy
87. Miracle Baby There's One in Every Crowd(1999) Engineer Good Ink
86. Peter Parker LP Prod., Engr., Mixing. Self-Released
85. Severna Park EP Prod., Engr., Mixing. Self-Released
84. Michelle Lewis Little Leviathan (1998) Engineer, Mixing Revolution
83. CIV Thirteen Day Getaway (1998 Engineer, Mixing Lava/Atlantic
82. Blues Traveller A Very Special Christmas Vol. 3 Engineer A & M
81. Blonde Redhead In An Expression of the Inexpressible (1998) Producer, Engineer Touch and Go
80. Harvey Danger Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone (1997) Prod., Engr., Mixing London
79. Bloodloss 7” Engineer Reprise
78. Rattlecake Totally Without Products [ep] (1997) Prod., Engr., Mixing Cavity Search
77. UFOFU Ufofu(1997) Prod., Engr, Mixing Columbia
76. Dwindle Recently Okay (1997) Producer Twin Tone
75. Blonde Redhead Fake Can Be Just As Good (1997) Prod., Engr., Mixing Touch and Go
74. Hazel Arianna (1997) Engineer Candyass
73. Low Curtain Hits the Cast(1996) Engineer Vernon Yard
72. Geraldine Fibbers Butch (1997 Engineer Virgin
71. Satisfact Satisfact(1997) Producer, Engineer K
70. Mocket Fanfare(1997) Prod., Engr, Mixing K
69. Crowsdell Crowsdell Engineer, Mixing Big Cat
68. Sleater-Kinney Dig Me Out(1997) Producer, Engineer Kill Rock Stars
67. Three Mile Pilot LP (1997) Engineer, Mixing Geffen
66. Bareminimum Night Streak Engineer RxRemedy
65. Bareminimum Bareminimum Producer RxRemedy
64. Long Hind Legs Long Hind Legs Prod., Engr., Mixer Kill Rock Stars
63. Tuatara Breaking the Ethers(1997) Engineer Sony
62. Pigeonhed Flash Bulb Emergency Overflow (1997) Remixing Sub Pop
61. Soundgarden “Spoonman” Remixes Engineer, Mixing A & M
60. Pavement “Stereo” Radio Mix Engineer, Mixing Matador
59. Pigeonhed Full Sentence(1997) Producer, Engineer Sub Pop
58. The Posies Amazing Disgrace (1996) Engineer Geffen
57. Swelter Swelter (1996) Engineer, Mixing Big Enormous
56. Some Velvet Sidewalk Generate(1997) Mixing K
55. Unwound Repetition (1996) Engineer Kill Rock Stars
54. Bikini Kill Reject All American (1996) Producer, Engineer Kill Rock Stars
53. Mocket Bionic Parts(1996) Prod., Engr., Mixing K
52. Excuse 17 Such Friends Are Dangerous (1996) Prod., Engr., Mixing Kill Rock Stars
51. Team Dresch Captain My Captain (1996) Producer, Engineer Candyass
50. Bikini Kill Singles Producer Kill Rock Stars
49. Phranc Goofyfoot EP(1995) Engineer Kill Rock Stars
48. The Spinanes Strand(1996) Engineer Sub Pop
47. Unwound Future of What(1995) Engineer Kill Rock Stars
46. Goodness Goodness (1995) Bass, Prod., Mixing Lava/Atlantic
45. Goodness Schoolhouse Rock Rocks (1996) Prod., Engr., Mixing Lava/Atlantic
44. Stanford Prison Experiment Mixing one song Mixing World Domination
43. Soul Coughing “Unmarked Helicopters” Mixing X-Files Sndtk.
42. Hell Upside Down The Bovine Years Prod., Engr., Mix Y Records
41. Malfunkshun Return to Olympus (1995) Mixing Loosegroove
40. The Geraldine Fibbers Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home (1995) Engineer, Mixing Virgin
39. Violent Green Eros Engineer, Mixing Up
38. The Wedding Present Watusi(1994) Engineer RCA
37. Stuntman Stuntman Prod., Engr., Mixing Link
36. Prose and Concepts 2nd LP Mixing Self-Released
35. Bell LP Engr., Mixing Y Records
34. Mary Lou Lord Mary Lou Lord [EP](1995) Engineer Kill Rock Stars
33. Mary Lou Lord Martian Saints [EP](1997) Engineer, Mixing Kill Rock Stars
32. Thirty Ought Six Hag Seed(1995) Prod., Engr., Mixing Mute America
31. Treepeople Actual Re-Enactment(1994) Producer C/Z
30. Three Fish Three Fish(1996) Prod., Engr., Mixing Epic
29. Heavens to Betsy Calculated (1994) Engineer Kill Rock Stars
28. Prose & Concepts Procreations (1994) Engineer, Mixing Loosegroove
27. Engine Kid Angel Wings (1995) Engineer Revelation
26. Sage 7th Standard Rd. (1995) Engineer, Mixing Will
25. Juned Every Night For You (1995) Prod., Engr., Mixing UP
24. Lois Bet the Sky (1995) Bass K
23. Silkworm Even a Blind Chicken… (1998) Engineer Matador
22. Sometime Sunday Drain (1996) Mixing Frontline
21. Hitting Birth Feel The Freakest Mixing Will
20. Poor Old Lu Sin Engr., Prod., Mixing Frontier
19. Team Dresch Personal Best(1994 Producer Chainsaw
18. Satchel EDC(1994) Engineer Epic
17. Mary Lou Lord Jingle Jangle Morning Engineer Kill Rock Stars
16. Bikini Kill w/ Joan Jett Rebel Girl 7” Engineer Kill Rock Stars
15. Treepeople Just Kidding(1993) Mixing C/Z
14. The 360’s Strawberry Stone Engineer, Mixing Link/RCA
13. IMIJ EP Engineer, Mixing Liberty
12. Best Kissers In The World 7” Engineer
11. Gruntruck Push(1992) Mixing Roadrunner
10. Gorilla Deal with It (1993) Engineer Thrilljockey
9. Nubbin Lite Prod., Engr., Mixing Self-Released
8. The Accused Splatter Rock Prod., Engr., Mixing Nastymix
7. Sir-Mix-A-Lot/Supersonics “Not In Our House” Engr., Mixing Charity Release
6. High Performance 12” Engineer Conspiracy
5. Pamela Golden A Moment Of Time Engineer Golden Triangle
4. Voodoo Gearshift Gluegoat (1994) Prod., Engr., Mixing C/Z
3. Engine Kid Astronaut EP (1993) Engineer, Mixing C/Z
2. My Name Megacrush(1992) Producer C/Z
1. Ranch Romance Blue Blazes (1991) Engineer Sugar Hill